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While some might call the name inaccurate, and some might even call it down right deceiving, we're almost positive that a pair of pants exists that could hide these pistols. Regardless of what you think of the name, we're sure you will remember the pocket pistol experience forever. Whether it's the concussive blasts just an arms reach from your face, the pounding your hands take managing recoil of rounds meant to kill grizzly bears, or that new flinch you develop that now plagues your pistol shooting abilities, something is sure to stick with you. This is the lowest round count experience we offer, at only 3 rounds per gun. However, by the time you're done shooting you may feel that the round count was a bit high, and will just be glad to be done so you can go put some ice on your hands. This package is not for those with a recoil aversion. 

Taurus Raging Bull .454 Casull

Magnum Research Desert Eagle .50 AE

L.A.R. Grizzly Mark V