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We all love to shoot at our old Halloween pumpkins after they've served their purpose; some of us like to take it a step further and throw some exploding targets into the mix and then put the kids to work on cleanup duty. With our "go big or go home" mindset, we take it several steps beyond that and source the biggest pumpkin we can possibly get our hands on, pack it full of exploding targets, and detonate it into a lingering cloud of orange mist you might see from space.

Our annual pumpkin shoot is quite possibly the most entertaining and hilarious event we hold; not only do we vaporize a 1,500 lb pumpkin, but we litter our entire rifle range with exploding pumpkins ranging in size from small pumpkins less than 30 lbs, to much larger ones tipping the scale at over 500 lbs. The joys of popping the big one goes to whoever is lucky enough to win the pumpkin raffle. Raffle tickets can be purchased on site on the day of the event. The pumpkin shoot is held every year near the middle of November, and food and hot/cold beverages are served all day.