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Home defense is the primary purpose many people buy a firearm; while it is very statistically unlikely that you will ever experience a home invasion, having a firearm, if one does happen, can make the difference between life and death. However, most people that buy a firearm for home defense do not receive proper training on how to use it, much less how to employ it properly. In the age of internet commandos who can shoot paper and steel faster than what seems like should be possible, everyone forgets one thing: there is more to gunfighting than shooting, and there is more to shooting than marksmanship All effective gunfighters are thinkers first; deadly force encounters are a series of split second decisions, any of which can result in a game over if you are wrong.

This is not a shooting course; the purpose of SWTC Home Defense Training is to educate the student in factors beyond just putting rounds down range. This class is ideally taught at the students place of residence to more effectively show home defense techniques that work specifically within their home.

    This course covers the following topics:
  • Room clearing tactics
  • Home defense firearms
  • Home defense ammunition
  • Effective white light employment
  • Identification of geometries of fire
  • Situational awareness and control
  • Escalation of force