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The High Five Experience


Offered nowhere else in the world, the High 5 is truly a unique experience to shoot some of the most powerful weapons ever created that will be remembered for a lifetime. Empty the drum on the compact and nimble M249 SAW, the U.S. Military’s favorite light machine gun. Unleash the thunderous roar of the legendary and unstoppable M240B medium machine gun. Practice man-portable indirect fire with the FN 40GL 40mm grenade launcher; watch your personal artillery shell fly down range and explode with orange chalk. Experience the blast of the vehicle annihilating M2HB .50 cal heavy machine gun. Send 750 grains of supersonic diplomacy down range with the Barrett M82A1 .50 cal sniper rifle.

M249 SAW  5.56x45mm
image of M249 SAW

M240B  7.62x51mm
image of M240B

FN40GL MK2 Grenade Launcher   40mm
image of Grenade Launcher

image of M2HB

Barrett M82a1  .50 Caliber
image of Barrett Sniper Rifle