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Attend The MINIGUN Experience

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Join us in Utah to experience the M134 MINIGUN!

At 3000 rounds per minute, the MINIGUN is one of the most powerful and legendary weapons, favored by the U.S. Military & Secret Service.

Designed in 1960 by General Electric, the M134 is a miniaturized Vulcan rotary cannon chambered in 7.62 NATO instead of 20x102mm. Unlike the other automatic weapons in the experience, the Minigun is driven by an electric motor, rather than propellant gasses. Rate of fire is tunable between 3000 and 4000 rpm; this particular gun is setup for 3000 rpm. The high rate of fire leads to the unique roar of a minigun, recognized across the battlefields of the world.

Transportation to and from airport shall be included by Special Weapons Test Center (SWTC). It is understood and agreed that airfare or hotel is NOT included in the "Super 7" shooting experience. "Super 7" packages are not transferable. If any purchaser or winner of a "Super 7" package donated under this agreement wishes to bring guests, including to shoot any or all of the firearms included in the "Super 7", that Special Weapons Test Center shall work directly with that purchaser or winner on additional pricing or other arrangements.

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