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It's no mystery as to why the carbine has become the weapon of choice for militaries across the world; a soft shooting, light weight, easy to handle, highly effective weapon capable of engaging targets at a quarter mile with a high rate of fire that can be stored in something the size of a duffle bag is a win in nearly all categories. With that being said, there is more to effectively employing a carbine at short and medium ranges than just throwing some cool guy gear on and shooting targets like your favorite YouTube operator.

To effectively employ a carbine requires not just good marksmanship fundamentals and fast reloads, but an understanding of the mechanics of the weapon. What distance should I zero at? What does my bullet do at 300 yards? Why did my carbine jam? Where should my point of aim be if my rifle is canted? How does a suppressor change how my carbine functions? Knowing the answers to these questions is critical to being able to effectively employ your carbine in any situation, and that is what you will learn at the SWTC Carbine Training Course.

    This course covers the following topics:
  • Zeroing
  • Height over bore
  • Speed/tactical reloads
  • Clearing stoppages
  • Unconventional shooting positions
  • Transitions
  • Carbine capabilities & limitations
  • Optics & accessories