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SWTC has multiple ranges that can accomodate a wide variety of training and recreational needs.

Pistol Range

SWTC is equipped with a paved 50 yard pistol range surrounded by 15 foot burms. The pistol range is 25 yards wide, and has multiple steel targets, including plate racks, stars, spinners, and IPSC targets. 

Rifle Range

SWTC's rifle range is 300 yards in length, and has a concrete firing line. The rifle range is 45 yards wide, and also has steel targets ranging from small popper targets to large 36 inch gongs. Paper target stands are also available for tasks such as zeroing and qualifications.

360 Range

The 360 is 50x100 yards and is able to accomodate well over 100 shooters for firing static qualifications, or be set up for unique training scenarios that require multi directional firing such as CQB, shooting from vehicles, or any other training that requires non linier firing lanes. 


SWTC has two areas available for parking, one of which is 50x75 yards and the second being 30x35 yards. These areas are graveled, and not marked.